Review of The Exceed Box by Joyetech

First Impressions

Sleek, small, and simple. All great attributes for a starter kit. I received the stainless model, and it has a very refined look to it which looks excellent. I was a bit surprised at how small the device is. It is super compact and fits in the hand nicely. I would think it would be very good for female vapers that are looking for something refined, and feminine. The kit comes complete with spare parts, extended 3.5ml glass, a decent manual, and a usb charging cord.


Mod Review

This mod is geared toward beginner vapors. It doesn’t have a display, yet it has LEDs which show you everything you need to know. A 5 LED ring represents the battery charge level, and the joyetech logo in the center, along with colored ring represents the fire mode. This can be configured with 3 clicks of the fire button. Direct output uses whatever battery juice is left and applies it to the coil. This is represented by a white logo and ring. Another 3 clicks, and you will enter constant voltage mode, represented by an orange logo and ring. This is supposed to give you the same vape production throughout the entire battery life, yet I didn’t notice much of a difference when vaping in either mode. I felt the power of the device to fit the Exceed D22 tank that came with the device, and it all works together flawlessly. I would never really think of using this mod with anything else other than the included tank, just because it doesn’t have the adjustment or display showing what is really going on. It works well as a kit, so why mess with it?

Here are the led indicators on top.


Here it is next to a minikin v2 for size comparison.

Tank Review

The kit came with the Exceed D22 tank. This tank is great for a beginner due to the adjustability. The air flow can be choked down to a MTL vape and opened for a restricted lung hit. It also has two coils with similar characteristics. The 1.2 ohm coil is geared for MTL, and runs from 8 to 14w. The .5 ohm coil is geared for DL vaping at 20-35W. They both work great, and a good step up process for a beginner. Jumping into vaping can be overwhelming with all of the cloud chasing subohm tanks, but this gives a user the chance to start at the 1.2 ohm coil and closed down to MTL. Then one can take the step to direct lung, and then jump into the .5ohm coil. I felt the flavor and vapor to be a lot better with the .5 ohm coil, and the air flow is increased a bit. I don’t ever MTL anymore, so going back to this was a bit of a time warp. I found that 65/35 e juice worked best in the atomizer and would recommend a 6mg nic for anyone that normally vapes 3mg in sub-ohm tanks or rdas. 3mg was hardly noticeable in this tank, so I bumped it up. Juice capacity is excellent with the 3.5mL extension. I vaped on that one tank for two days before refilling.

Final Thoughts

This Joyetech Exceed kit is a great beginner kit. It is simple to use, and it works great. The battery life lasts a really long time. I vaped on it for 2 full work days and only got it down the 3 out of 5 battery bars. I don’t really like the light up ring on the top of the mod, as it is a bit “look at me” which new vapers may not like. At the very least, it would be nice to have the option to shut that off. Overall, I strongly suggest this to people switching over from analogs to vaping, as it functions well and isn’t overwhelming. Flavor isn’t bad, but it is a big step down from sub ohm tanks or rdas. This device won’t get much use for me, as I am beyond this level of vaping, but I think it is a great device for entry level vapers.

The Joyetech Exceed box can be found all over the internet. I found it anywhere from $35-45 online, which is super cheap to get someone off the cigs and into vaping.


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